Berkant Beğdilili

About Me

I met the computer in 2010. I spent 3 years trying to solve this technology. In 2013 I wrote cheat apps for popular games. Every time it's fixed, I find the vulnerability again and update the version. I started the software with Visual Basic. I then continued with C and C++.

In 2019, I started studying Computer Engineering at Dumlupınar University. It was during this period that I met the Java programming language. I improved myself in areas such as algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming. I have also been involved as an active member in the IEEE Student Branches. I participated in the events and participated in the coordination team in the events.

I started 2020 with The Swift Programming Language.My iOS development experiences:

• Coding with high object oriented concepts like delegates, protocols, closures, notifications etc.
• SPM and CocoaPods integrations
• I used nearly 20 different built-in framework
• I used nearly 15 different framework like Alamofire, Firebase, Moya, SwiftSoup, SDWebImage
• Knowledge in Realm, SQLite and CoreData
• Interfacing with UIKit and SwiftUI
• Using REST and SOAP web services in implementations
• Using WebSockets in implementations
• Reactive programming
• Multi-threaded programming
• Working with GIT version control system

My back-end development experiences with Node.js:

• I used nearly 10 different built-in framework
• I used nearly 15 different framework like Express, Sequelize, Mongoose, Socket.IO, ioredis
• Knowledge in MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
• Serverless infrastructure development with AWS
• Multitasking programming
• Event-driven programming
• Working with GIT version control system

and I keep improving myself all the time.



2019 - Current
Dumlupinar University

Bachelor's Degree

Volunteer Experience

2019 - Current
IEEE Dumlupinar Student Branch

Active Member


Oct 2020 - Jul 2021
AVC Software Creators

Software Engineer

Jan 2022 - Present

Backend Developer

Tools & Technologies

  • Xcode
  • AWS Lambda
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit

Top Skills

The Swift Programming Language



Web Services

iOS Development

Industry Knowledge

Object-Oriented Programming

Protocol Oriented Programming

Software Project Management

Software Development

Project Planning